K1 Technologies Crankshaft Evolution


$1,435.00 $1,613.88


K1 Technologies crankshafts offer world-class performance at an affordable price. Our crankshafts are made from 4340 forged steel and core hardened to reduce stress and optimize tensile strength. Each crank is designed with counterweights placed for optimal load reduction and ease of balancing.

4340 Forged Steel - Toughness and resistance to impact
Core hardened using nitride hardening process - Less chance of running deformation
Magnetic Particle Inspection - Ability to see flaws that may cause s stress riser
Straight oiling to journals - Alleviates issues with rod bearing failures
Stress relieved - No bending or distortion in the engine.
Exceptional journal finish - Longer bearing life
Wide Pin-End Widths - Supports wrist pin to minimize failures
Reluctor wheel included (where applicable)
Concentric journal machining
Cam-cut for improved performance
Gun-drilled rod and main journals
Exceptional journal finish
Crank keyways cut to match OEM locations

Part #:
  • 88mm - 032BCJ880
  • 94mm - 032BCJ940
  • 100mm - 032BCJ100