4G63 Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 Dry Sump Kit

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Product Description

The Battle isn’t over yet

1978 was the year the 4G63 was born; here we are 37 years later still introducing new parts for this motor. We rarely get any more 4G63’s to work on these days because they are a 20+ year old platform, we are mostly doing Porsche and GTR. Because of almost 20 years of racing these buckets, we’ve still got so much “unfinished business” with this iconic engine that we can be producing new parts for another 10 years. Yes there are that many drawings, hand sketches, ideas, and solutions being thrown around here every day during our meetings. Magnus is all about dreaming big and making it happen.

It’s a Necessity

Here at Magnus we have been at the storefront of building race engines for the past two decades. When we say that we have done it all, we mean it, we have been through it all. Fortunately for the automotive enthusiast’s research and development being done by parts manufactures has been moving at such an unbelievable pace for the past decade and as engine and tire technology begin to reach new heights, the amount of G-force an engine experiences has increased dramatically. It has increased to the point where limitations to the factory engineered oil systems are being reached. With these limitations being reached a factory oiling system is no longer an option, as a matter a fact a Dry Sump system has become a necessity.

High RPM launch control, Cornering, Launching, Braking, any one of these will upset the oil level in your car. In drag racing what we experience is 2 step launch control for 2 – 4 seconds (depleting the pan of oil), a multiple G-force launch, moving the oil to the back of the pan. High rpm runs in the 8500 – 11,000 RPM range, further deplete the pan of oil. Compound this with trying to drain back through only 3 holes in the DSM engine’s case while excess pressure from the rings is trying to push its way up to the valve cover. Now, let’s pull the parachute! What little oil is left is pushed to the front of the motor. You can see why we resorted to overfilling our engines and immediately shutting them down after crossing the line. Overfilling the engines just would end up filling our breather tanks, causing other problems. All of these problems together can cause the oil level in the pan to run below the oil pickup, causing the pump to run dry and destroy your engine, oil pump, or turbo.

The Solution

Dry sump oiling systems are far from new technology. They have been in use for decades and first originated to help against oil starvation in aircraft which flew inverted (upside down). Increasing vehicle G force levels, coupled with increasing crankcase pressures, it becomes apparent that OEM oil systems are not be able to provide adequate oil supply and oil evacuation. As an engine develops more power, it will require more oil pressure, more flow, and greater oil capacity. All of these issues are addressed with a dry sump oiling system.

If we moved to an external reservoir, which could always supply oil we would be able to eliminate all of these problems. We needed a dry sump oiling system. It is no longer an option, this is a necessary component in reduced maintenance, wear, and the added vacuum scavenging benefit will result in increased power.

We solve problems

It’s been many years since the release of our first version of the dry sump kit for the Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9. It had come to our attention that many were scared off by this kit because it wasn’t quite a direct bolt on kit and it was more for race cars. Sometimes here at Magnus we are just too hardcore for our own good. Once it had come to our attention we decided to drop down to everyone else’s level.

Well what exactly is the Evo? The Evo is the world’s racecar. It is not a mild little street car, it is a serious performer, and everybody who drives one knows it. The thing about the Evo is when it is in the hands of most racers, it incrementally becomes a VERY fast performer. On that same token, oiling issues creep up on you. This is the problem that creeps up on everyone. With this relaunch of our new kit we are addressing the same problem I see people fight every day. Broken oil pumps and destroyed motors because tire technology, turbo technology, and engine technology has come so far in the last 5 years, that everyone, is going beyond the capacity of their stock oiling system. Stop fooling yourselves, there is no cheaper solution, we’ve been there and we will vouch that this is the only answer.

We didn’t want to see our customers and other fellow Mitsubishi Evo enthusiasts lose their opportunity of enjoying their car because they keep running into problems due to lack of oil supply. We don’t just make parts here at Magnus or fix cars. We have set ourselves from that category of Speed Shops and parts manufacturers. We solve problems here at Magnus, we use our own parts and we race our own parts. This is why we are proud to introduce the only solution to your problems.

Change is good

The new and improved dry sump kit has the convenience of being a bolt on kit, and allows you to keep power steering, along with OEM location for the alternator. For more convenience we have designed it so you can keep all the factory accessory belts along with the timing belt and timing cover. We understand that our kits will be used on street driven and daily driven cars, this is why it was we had to put this idea into production considering that all of these street cars will be driven in the summer and air conditioning is a necessity in the summer just like a dry sump is a necessity for your car! Our kit also comes with the option of a 3 stage or 4 stage dry sump pump. dry sump assembly


  • Billet 6061 Oil pan and Sump
  • Billet 6061 Front cover with included gasket, OEM pump delete, and Balance shaft delete
  • Billet 6061 Mounting brackets
  • Peterson R4 dry Sump Pump – Optional 3 or 4 stage
  • Peterson Oil Tank (Multiple Sizes Available)
  • Peterson Breather
  • Inline Filter

Part # MMCENG2012

Ships within 3-4 weeks from order date.