AMS Alpha GTR GR6 Filter Pickup Extension / Relocation Kit


$760.00 $900.00


High horsepower GT-Rs launch and pull so hard that fluid in the transmission sloshes back far enough to allow the oil pickup to suck in air. This aeration of the transmission fluid creates a drop in line pressure which, in turn, causes miss-shifts and slipping clutches that will damage your GT-R's expensive transmission!

The Alpha GR6 Filter Pickup Extension / Relocation kit solves this trans fluid starvation problem by relocating the pickup to the back of the trans pan. The kit also spaces the factory pan down by ¾". This adds almost 2 quarts to the capacity of your transmission while increasing the thermal capacity of the system.

By retaining the factory filter and designing the kit for simple bolt in installation, this is a no brainer for anyone doing a transmission upgrade. Recommended for GTRs running anything other than stock turbos, or 60' times in the 1.5's or lower.
Exclusive Benefits
  • Simple bolt on installation
  • Added fluid capacity
  • Added thermal capacity
  • Factory filtration
  • Billet filter pickup extension
  • Pan spacer
  • Extended pan bolts

Application: 2009 - 2016 Nissan GTR