DBA 5000 T3 Series 2-Piece Front Slotted Rotors


$457.60 $525.50

Product Description

DBA's 5000 Series Rotors feature a two piece design and an Alumalite center hat which when coupled with their other features, make them is one of the finest brake rotors available. The 5000 Series rotors are offered in both the T3 Slotted only design as well as the XS Drilled and Slotted design. All DBA 5000 Series rotors features DBA's exclusive "Kangaroo Paw" internal vent design to maximize rotor cooling. Thermal indicating markings on the rotor edge let you know the maximum temperatures the rotors are experiencing. Whether you're a seasoned club racer, weekend track warrior, or just an enthusiast that wants the best for your car. The DBA 5000 Slotted rotors offer unmatched performance and durability!


  • Patented "Kangaroo Paw" ventilation design provides greater heat dissipation.
  • Alumalite center hat made from light-weight 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium material.
  • Tri-Symmetrical T3 Slot design dampens the vibration harmonics resulting in a quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel.
  • XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron increases the thermal capacity properties of the rotor.
  • TSP (Thermal Stability Profiling) prolongs the service life of the rotor.
  • Replacement disc rotors available.
  • Heat paint markings change color to monitor peak braking temperatures.
  • Price per front rotor!