Evo 8 Kelford 272 Cams


$559.97 $659.97

Hydraulic Kelford Cams range of high quality camshafts for Mitsubishi EVO 8

The Best 272 degree cam on the market. These cams are ideal for street or strip applications making 400HP or more.

Valve Spring Kit: KVS63BTK /KVSBK
Duration @ 0.1 mm Valve Lift: 272 Inlet/272 Exhaust
Duration @ 0.1 mm Valve Lift: 226 Inlet/226 Exhaust
Valve Lift @ 1.73 Rocker Ratio: 11.00mm Inlet/11.00mm Exhaust
Centerline @ Full Lift: 107 Inlet/113 Exhaust
Valve Lift @ TDC: 1.52mm Inlet/1.00mm Exhaust

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