FP MHI Turbo

AG Autosports

$1,700.00 $2,000.00

Stock replacement turbo for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. Straight out of Japan from MHI comes a new factory upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. Very little is shared with the stock turbo this is a brand new design specifically for the EVO X.

The turbine wheel is a new TF06-07 mated to an all new billet 18KX3RC compressor wheel co-designed by Forced Performance. The compressor cover has also gotten the redesign treatment and features a 3" inlet and surge ports. The stock wastegate actuator has been ditched in favor of this new MHI high pressure 18PSI actuator. What does this mean for you? A stock frame turbocharger, designed by the best in the business, manufactured by the company that built your car, that's capable of stock like spool, and producing around 54LB a minute.


Optional -4 Oil Line

Our high flow replacement oil supply line for the Evo X vehicles are now available. This new high flow oil supply line allows plenty of oil to get to your turbo to keep you from oil starving the bearings. Included with this line is our inline oil filter to help protect your turbo from any contaminants your oil may pick up.

This line may be used on stock turbos all the way up to FP BLACK™ for the Evolution X.