GRP Aluminum Rods 4G63 7 Bolt Engine


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Product Description

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The GRP 150mm Pro Series Aluminum Rods are designed for a standard 2.0L 7-Bolt 4G63. Following a new trend to reduce reciprocating weight, GRP's latest rod is designed around the smaller 1.888" crank journal. The GRP aluminum rod features a smaller profile to make it the lightest you will find on the market for the 4g63 platform.

Combined with Wiseco HD Pistons and our AG-Spec Wrist Pins, we have made well over 1300whp with this rotating assembly.


  • Rod Bolt: 3/8" ARP
  • Bore Diameter: 1.890
  • Width: 1.032 Centered
  • Pin Diameter: .866 PF
  • Pin Width: 1.050
  • Rod Length: 5.899
  • Set of 4 Rods