HKS Metal Head Gasket 4g63

AG Autosports

$299.97 $309.97

Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9 HKS Head Gasket 86mm Bore / 8.9:1 Comp

HKS Metal Head Gaskets are constructed from multiple layers of steel to ensure proper head to block sealing under the most demanding high performance conditions. HKS uses a special metal that is extremely resistant to the severe levels of both heat and corrosion that is attributed with high-HP and high-boost conditions. All HKS head gaskets are also coated with a special fluorine rubber coating to provide the ultimate sealing.

HKS head gaskets are designed to accommodate for oversize pistons and altered compression ratios. Multiple gasket thicknesses are available to change the dynamic compression ratio according to the needs and characteristics of the various levels, tuning and engine conditions. HKS gaskets are not designed to cure sealing problems caused by head or block irregularities.

A high pressure seal is formed around the combustion chamber through the use of stoppers which create a step within the gasket for optimum sealing. By making the stopper part of the plate also allows the fold to be smaller while maintaining structural integrity. One side of the plate is completely flat meaning that it can be layered with the stopper to allow stoppers to be used in even the tightest of locations around the combustion chamber forming a high quality seal. Compared with other gaskets of the same thickness, there are more layers in these gaskets giving flexibility which allows the gasket to maintain a good seal even when the engine tries to vibrate and move.