JDC Evolution COP Ignition System w/GTR Coils

JDC Customs USA

$660.00 $775.00

Product Description

This system utilizes R35 GT-R ignition coils to withstand upwards of 1000+ horsepower without needing a pesky CDI box! The stock Hitachi coils on the GT-R are known to handle 1000whp+ without needing an upgrade! This system will plug straight into your factory wire harness without any modifications. It's a simple, 10 minute installation.

Are they reliable?

These systems have been tested on multiple Evo's for over a year and show great reliability as well as performance. The JDC Premium Ignition System is the only ignition system your Evo will need throughout its entire lifespan, starting with bolt-ons all the way up to a drag car pushing 1000whp! Forget the need for a problematic CDI system. This COP System can do it all! 

Introducing the new 'Hideaway' wire harness!

This harness uses the same high quality connectors, military spec tefzel wire, and wire sheath as our standard COP wire harness, but this one hides under the mounting plate for a super clean, wire tucked look! This harness offers the same quality and performance as you'd expect from any product offered by JD Customs USA.

How is this harness different?

Both leads come out from the valve cover on the right side and are concealed by a single wire sheath. The right side connector makes its hidden connection behind the thermostat housing and the left side lead can be ran under or over the intake manifold to make its connection behind the valve cover for another hidden connection.


  • Brand new high performance Japanese made coils
  • Beautiful solid carbon fiber, Titanium, or Satin Black mounting plate
  • Choice of standard or "Hideaway" wire harness
  • Designed to work on a stock car or one making up to 1000whp+ 
  • High quality military spec heat sleeve protector rated to 428degF
  • Upgraded (thicker) 16g tefzel military spec wire, rated to 393degF
  • Plug and Play (no assembly required) 
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate partial throttle bucking
  • Better idle quality
  • Quicker and easier start especially in colder weather with E85
  • Run more boost without spark blowout issues
  • Run more gap for better fuel burn and increased mpg
  • Plugs last longer due to less fouling
  • Plug changes take minutes less
  • No problem prone CDI Boxes
  • Non corrosive stainless steel hardware
What's in the box?
  • Assembled JDC Premium Coil-On-Plug Ignition System
  • Completely sealed waterproof wire harness
  • Stainless steel mounting Hardware (Carbon Fiber Optional)
  • 15 amp fuse
  • Installation instructions & warranty information

Warranty Information:

  • Coils- 2 years
  • Wire harness & mounting plate- lifetime

Tuning Notes:

  • We suggest setting the factory dwell time at 3.4ms @14v to help keep the coils cool.
  • These upgraded coils can support up to 4.5ms which would allow you to run an even larger spark plug gap for better combustion, which could support even more horsepower.
  • For example, 3.0ms @14v has easily supported 870whp on a mustang dyno.
  • Saturation that could shorten the life of the coils and cause premature failure would be around 5.5ms @14v.
  • For high power builds a .014 - .018 spark plug gap may be sufficient, but will vary depending on your individual vehicle.
  • Spark Plugs to Be used with this kit: NGK #


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