Kelford 214-B Evo X

AG Autosports

$690.00 $750.00

Product Description

Mitsubishi Camshaft: 4B11 EVO X - Mechanical Kelford Cams, world leader in camshaft design and manufacture for high performance Japanese engines. Utilizing ultramodern design principles, casting techniques and state of the art CNC grinding, these camshafts will again lead the way in EVO engine development.

4B11 Evo X Stage 2 camshafts, Suits larger turbo applications.

Valve Spring Kit: KVS11
Duration @ 0.1 mm Valve Lift: 270 Inlet/262 Exhaust
Duration @ 0.1 mm Valve Lift: 228 Inlet/220 Exhaust
Valve Lift @ 1 to 1: 11.00mm Inlet/10.50mm Exhaust
Centerline @ Full Lift: Variable Inlet/Variable Exhaust