Tein Flex Z Coilover Kit


$897.97 $949.97

Mitsubishi Evolution 8 / 9 & X

This latest generation of Flex Z suspension kits incorporate many of the same technologies that have made them so popular by enthusiasts, but now made even more affordable by streamlined manufacturing processes and a fully sealed damper structure. Front & Rear suspension kit.


  • Fully sealed damper structure
  • Utilizes OEM mounts for a simplified installation
  • Dust boot guards the piston rod from damage, and keeps foreign material out of the shock absorber.
  • The ride height can be adjusted by moving the lower spring seat up or down. Characteristic of this system are its simple structure and ease of use.
  • Compared to the regular mono-tube system, twin-tube attains longer stroke with a smaller repulsive force, resulting in high ride comfort. 

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