Walbro 450 Fuel Pump


$145.00 $169.97

Walbro E85 High-Pressure In-tank Fuel Pump

Look, we’re sorry to depress you with boring logic and science. We know you’ve put a lot of work into your engine to get as much horsepower and performance as possible. But all the work in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t get enough fuel into that godly engine of yours. No go-juice, no Road Zeus.

There’s a bright side. The right fuel pump will keep your engine’s thirst quenched and ready to breathe fire. If your ride pushes more than 500 horsepower on E85 fuel (kudos to you), the Walbro 450 lph High-Pressure In-Tank Fuel Pump is one of the best solutions available.

It’s made to fit a variety of vehicles and is designed to improve the performance of the existing pump. The pump’s relief valve activates at 110 psi and fully opens at 135. It’s a perfect alternative to a twin-pump setup, and comes with two installation options — a basic install and a hardwire installation directly to your battery (professional installation is recommended with that option).

Walbro’s in-tank, high-pressure fuel pump will solve a lot of your problems, while making sure that your engine is never fuel-starved.


Walbro High Pressure Part #: F90000274