Wiseco HD Pistons


$708.64 $775.00

This Wiseco Piston Kit is designed to fit 4G63 6 Bolt Engines with a 88mm Stroke Crankshaft and 150mm Long Connecting Rods. Included in this kit are Heavy Duty .225" Wall Tool Steel Wrist Pins and a Matching Piston Ring Set. The Piston Rings feature a Gas Nitrided Top Ring that works very well with Turbocharged Engines and a Napier 2nd Ring for Excellent Oil Control. 

These Pistons feature Wiseco's ArmorGlide® Skirt Coating for reduced friction and Wiseco's Armour Plating Finishing Process. The Armour Plating drastically strengthens the Piston Material, making it harder the hotter it gets. This helps resist any possible detonation and also helps the Piston Rings from Micro Welding under extreme temperatures.

The E85 Series is designed for higher compression and indented for use with E85 Fuel, but also will work well with Methanol Injection and / or Race Fuel.

Part Number: K656M85AP

  • Bore: 85.5mm / 3.366"
  • Stroke: 88mm / 3.465"
  • Rod Length: 150mm / 5.906" 
  • Compression Height: 35mm / 1.378
  • Dish Volume: +1cc Dome
  • Compression Ratio: 10.68:1
  • Wrist Pin Diameter: .225" Wall H-13 Tool Steel 
  • Ring Stack: .225" Wall H-13 Tool Steel